About Bionlov

Bionlov® Premium, a Swiss brand, is leading in the market of fuels for bio-fireplaces.

Bionlov® Premium is a high quality fuel for bio-fireplaces and devices allowing open fire.

Bionlov® Premium is a regenerative energy source

What makes Bionlov® Premium fuel so special?

Bionlov® Premium has been developped in cooperation between Swiss and Polish specialists to guarante efficiency and quality on highest level.

The only products of combustion is water vapour and CO2, both in safe quantities, comparable with those produced while breathing normally. This makes the fuel ideal for heating.

  • Burns clean
  • Burns odourless
  • Without smoke
  • Without ash
  • Without carbon black


The safety of Bionlo Premium fuel has been certified by the National Institute of Public Health PZH.

How is Bionlov® Premium produced?

Bionlov® Premium is produced on a basis of ethyl alcohol of highest quality, which  is destilled of pure plant mater. In addition, to improove the quality even more, it is refined and purified by most modern molecular seeves.

The spezialists of Bionlov® Premium has put our fuel to test in bio-fireplaces of the biggest brands of high quality bio-fireplaces in Europe.

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